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San Blas Panama Eco-Resort

Kuna Yala or San Blas is one of the most fascinating places in the american continent. This autonomous indigenous region in the Republic of Panama comprises an archipielago of 356 islands in the Caribbean Sea, of which only 51 are inhabited.

This territory also includes, along the archipielago, a ten kilometer wide strip of mainland which is covered in a great extension with virgin tropical forest.

The coral reefs that surround San Blas are particularly worthy of mention because most of them, unlike in other parts of the world, still conserve their original maritime life.

The Kuna population has lived traditionally isolated from the rest of the panamanian population. It has been only some years since Kuna Yala opened its doors carefully for national and international tourism. Due to this situation the Kuna people in San Blas Panama have mantained its authenticity. No visitor to San Blas will be able to forget the impression of being brought back into the time when Columbus discovered America. The new tourism in Kuna Yala centers its attention on eco-tourism, activities like fishing and snorkeling, as well as cultural tourism.

San Blas Panama Activities
  • Island Visits
  • Beach Tours
  • Snorkeling
  • Kuna Tomb Visit
  • Fishing
  • Birds and Wild Flora

Food always fresh out of the sea in San Blas Panama

To enjoy fresh out of the sea loabsters, crabs, shellfish and fish, come to San Blas. Our delicious recipes with these products of the sea made of coconut milk and tasty spices. Fresh Lobster, Grouper, Snapper, and Crab Platters await you!

Chicken or Vegan dishes available for those who don't enjoy seafood

Cabins in San Blas Panama

Our roomy and comfortable cabins are build on piles in the sea. You will enjoy, from a beautifull terrace, a 180 degree escenic view of the Caribbean, where you can enjoy the sun, watch the stars and feel the amazing sea breeze. The cabins have 24 hours electricity thanks to solar panels installed on the roof of each cabin. The cabins have running water, a ceiling fan and a hammock. In a few words: this cabin is built for enjoying all the luxuries of a tropical environment.







Reasons To Visit San Blas Panama

Beautiful Sandy Beaches:

During the day the white sand beach and turquoise ocean invite swimming and snorkeling. Explore our coral reef and learn about the areas marine life.

Enjoy Our Guided Tours:

See how Kuna women make their world-famous molas on the island of Achutupo.

Take an up-river trip to the rainforest.

Visit the Historic Kuna Cemetery.

Fine Dining in San Blas Panama:

Dinners feature, lobster, shrimp and fish freshly caught in season; You can also get vegetarian meals prepared.

Enjoy our restaurant with ocean and rainforest views.